HR Essentials

Getting the basics right is priceless, getting them wrong is costly for your business. 

Employment law is constantly changing to meet the requirements of the modern world and compliance with the law should be non-negotiable. 
We can help your business by reviewing existing or creating new documentation to ensure you are compliant, fair, and consistent. 

Employee Handbook/ Contracts of Employment/ Offer letters/ Company Policies e.g Disciplinary, Grievance, Capability, Flexible Working, Family-friendly.


Unfortunately, there are times where things do not work out as planned or as hoped with your people for a variety of reasons. Employee disputes, poor performance and absence are costly and disruptive to any business and failing to properly deal with issues can affect your people and business performance. MUSE:HR can guide, support and advise you at any stage.  

Investigations/Disciplinary/Grievance/ Performance Management/Absence Management/Without Prejudice conversations/Settlement Agreements

Employee Orientation

As your business changes and grows you may need more people to effectively help you run your business.

MUSE:HR can find you the right people for the right job to support your business. 

Job descriptions/ Person Specifications/ Role Profiles/ Headhunting/ Interviewing support/ Assessment Centres/Onboarding

Disc Profiling

DiSC is a personality profiling tool which has been used in businesses to help people learn to work more effectively with others. DiSC profiling is a highly regarded tool that supports both individual and team development.

DiSC Profiling (Individual and Team)/DiSC feedback

Learning & Development

Finding, growing, developing and retaining your talent is a vital investment for your business. Effective training and performance appraisal processes can improve employee engagement, employee performance, reduce recruitment costs, develop your business brand and retain employees. 
We provide bespoke training solutions which can assist your business to achieve your business goals. We can support in a number of areas:

Recruitment & Selection/Managing Performance/Performance Appraisals/Handling Disciplinary and Grievances/ Managing Absences/ Equality and Diversity/ Handling Difficult Conversations/ Effective Meetings/ Coaching & Mentoring skills/ Emotional Intelligence/ Team Building/ Team Performance/ People Management and Leadership Skills/Succession Planning & Talent Management/ Communication skills/ Conflict and resilience/ Dealing with difficult people/ HR toolkit/Employee Engagement/CMI accredited qualifications 

Transformational Projects

Employee Engagement

When employees are engaged and motivated, amazing things can happen. At MUSE:HR we can design Employee Engagement surveys and analyse the results to enable your business to have an action plan to improve your levels of employee engagement. 

Workplace Mediation

Workplace conflict can take a variety of forms, including employee grievances, disputes between a manager and an employee or simply a personality clash between colleagues. Any conflict situation which arises in the workplace can be both disruptive and upsetting for those involved. If not handled appropriately, employees can be left feeling disgruntled and de-motivated. MUSE:HR can be objective mediators who can support your internal processes.

Workforce Planning & Change

Change is inevitable and sometimes redundancy and restructuring are a part of running a business. They are big projects and getting them wrong can be costly. MUSE:HR can guide, support and advise and help you develop the business you want. 

Redundancy/ Restructuring / Workforce planning/ TUPE

Intermin HR

If your business requires a HR professional to cover periods of leave, to assist during peak workload times or to offer consistent on-site HR support during ad-hoc project delivery, MUSE:HR are here to help.

Project management & delivery/Cover periods of leave/Large scale recruitment/Employee relations process management

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